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Fit Biz U

Sep 12, 2022

It’s not uncommon to get confused about who is the ideal client for your coaching business. Especially if you are coming from an in-person training career, where your clients were all different from each other. Instead of trying to identify your ideal client through demographics (age, gender, weight) why not try to identify through psychographics (habits, activities, personality)? In this episode, Jill explains all about this type of marketing strategy.

“Nine times out of ten the person that you’re going to end up attracting – your ideal client – is probably someone who wants to make the same transformation that you have.” – Jill Coleman


Jill is a fitness professional and business coach who effectively made the transition from training clients in person and having no time to build anything else to training clients online and actually being more successful. Today, Jill helps other coaches to do the same.

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