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Fit Biz U

Feb 1, 2023

JillFit is the brainchild of Jill Coleman, but it takes a team to make everything run smoothly. After over a decade in business, Jill knew that if she wanted to take things to the next level, she couldn’t do it alone. A lot is needed from you as a Digital CEO and when you bring team members on to help, you give yourself more time to focus on your zone of genius, allowing you to take your business to new heights. This episode is a behind the scenes look at the JillFit team: who it’s made up of, what they do, and how the whole team works together to build something great.


Read Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Summers


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Jill is a fitness professional and business coach who effectively made the transition from training clients in person and having no time to build

anything else to training clients online and actually being more successful. Today, Jill helps other coaches to do the same.


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