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Fit Biz U

May 28, 2021

Combining strategies is a really smart action to take when you’re launching a new program or offering a new product. The posts you use to talk about your offer and the posts you use to educate first then talk about your offer are not exclusive, but they compliment each other. This is called Passive and Active Marketing; in this episode, Jill explains when to use which style and the difference between them. 


“’How can I do something to get more people to look at this post?’ First and foremost: add value. Teach something. Share something. Be relatable. Elicit some emotion and then, once you have the eyes, you put in the sale.” – Jill Coleman


Jill is a fitness professional and business coach who effectively made the transition from training clients in person and having no time to build anything else to training clients online and actually being more successful. Today, Jill helps other coaches to do the same. 


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