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Fit Biz U

Sep 15, 2021

If there is a good thing about entrepreneurship, it is that it’s filled with opportunities. These opportunities can literally be created out of nowhere, especially if you need extra money for any specific reason. For those with a regular job background, the mindset shift of abundance instead of scarcity can be tough, BUT it is real! In this episode, Jill explains the concept of Proactive Funding and how you can create offers that will make you money instantly.

“If you want to make more money, you have to be willing to talk about money and it can always be this huge emotional hijack every time… especially if you’re in the early stages of your business.” – Jill Coleman

Jill is a fitness professional and business coach who effectively made the transition from training clients in person and having no time to build anything else to training clients online and actually being more successful. Today, Jill helps other coaches to do the same. 

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